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The news aren't news

Posted by Audun Nilsen on August 31, 2012 at 7:15 AM

If you're still trusting mass media to provide you with current, factual and relevant information, statistics and analysis, then ... buddy, you need to do some thinking. Not a whole lot mind you, for the answers are staring us dead in the eye.

Our national news providers are huge. What do we know about huge companies? They are driven by a desire to ever increase share holder profit. Why? It's basically how you get things done these days. Even truth is a brand. Raptures in the fundaments of our economic systems are making safe havens (investments that atleast won't deplete your savings if you do nothing) pretty few and far between and that means sound businesses are better investments than even property, gold and bonds. Well, that's what everybody thought until Lehmann went heels up. The margins grow ever tighter...

Secondly, what media institution wants to cut back on employees, power and profits? A moral one is what. Change is inevitable, so only «right brain-dead» morons could avoid seeing that the Internet would be more important than paper news. Still; No self respecting power broker would accept amputation easily and thus far they have demonstrated a persistence resembling that of the common ass (easily explained by the stubbornness in their adhering to ideas distinctly conservative in nature [John Stuart Mill said it poignantly; Not all conservatives are idiots, but all idiots are conservative]).

They haven't been apathetic. Far from it. They've studied our every click from day one, so they know exactly what peaks our interests. Herein lies their power, because without our curiosity, they have nothing. No power and no money. Let me describe this stand off in plain terms: No overview of political interests means no power. Most of them get by on a "per click"-basis, which infers that unless we support them by giving them our attention, they won't have a foundation for sustenance (well, many countries and corp.s have made «arrangements» with the government). Once the trance of the reader is broken thoroughly enough times, returning to the lies upon lies will become increasingly difficult. (If the charade goes on much longer, the Illuminados & Co. will have to spend more money on making news than reporting them.)

Sadly enough, this is for now a white lie, because "illuminati" here means publishers supporting centralized power across the board. Those interests have got the bag firmly in their grip today and there's no indication that such power madness will be gone from our lives even though we should start paying most attention to people of strict morals and see-through integrity. Regardless, we should utilize what little power we do possess. Take a gander once in a while if you must, but please, hunk the junk!

For proper information processing, I myself turn to the Media Monarchy, which basically is a collection of brilliant pundits and eloquent wordsmiths that see the world as I do - through the eyes of themselves. It has recently been discontinued indefinitely, but the content providers that are the Media Monarchy still keep the train chooing. For a brief period of time, you have the chance to become Jan Irvins padawan if you should so desire. Had I the time, I would do it myself.

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