Occupy Your Self

Take back tomorrow

Do you mind?

Age old foundations we believed in and depended upon are crumbling under the weight of modern man and his nasty habits. The rain forests are shrinking, poverty is spreading like bubonic plague and everyone are frantic about WMDs. That's not counting the after glow of thousands of years of slavery, thousands of years of institutional religion, eight hundred years of gun powder, four hundred years of national banking cartels, hundred and fifty years of discipline in the factories and a full century of phd-level manipulation of the masses. I won't blaim the scientists for not providing us a substitute for religion, but I will be so bold as to suggest that more white coats should have screamed hard at the diet currently deemed humane. In all fairness, I can't put them down too much. I mean...  We just guzzle it down, don't we? Also. Super Mario. If you didn't get that; Cross words, cartoons and 52 degree angle pyramids.

Did you know that about 90% of all the scientists who ever lived ... live today? You wouldn't know it when watching TV, but no, it's really true. Most of them never makes a fuzz about anything worth caring about for two minutes, but hey, once in a while these lightshy hermits climb out of their caverns and do something really incredible. They cooperate. Like the Rockefellers, right? Anyway, have you heard of the Genome project? That's a biiig deal. What about the Manhattan project? Absolutely humongous deal. And the particle accelerator at CERN? Unbelievably huge, right? Whatever it is they're doing up there, they couldn't have done it alone. That's for flaming sure. Now, certainly Newton, Darwin and Einstein all possessed great minds, but when cutting to the core of their achievements, you find that all they were about was observing and deducing. Not trying to belittle anyone here, I'm simply trying to get you to see the difference between sitting alone under a tree, realizing, and doing test after test on something so unfathomably miniscule you will never see it, with equipment so powerful, you would need several trillion brains coupled in serial to get the same effect - the biggest factory you've seen in your lifetime would be considered small time in comparison. Now that's where you'll end up when standing on the shoulders of giant corporations. Us freedom fighters don't have that, but we do have something else - the biggest network of humans ever devised (the Internet, dumbkopf). If you've heard of cloud computing or crowd surfing, you probably know where I'm getting at. Together we can change the world. The question isn't how. Not anymore. I've gone ahead and settled that for you (on behalf of dead men). Here's what we do:






I know what you're thinking, "I don't know the first thing about derivatives or Iran or cognitive psychology". Well, now's your chance! Hehehe, just kidding. But not really. You see, what we need to do is gain trust. That of others, sure, but more importantly that in ourselves. When comfortable in your own skin, you sense much clearer and then you -dare- to trust in strangers that seemingly base their self image on proper discourse, respect for truth and some measure of patience even for intruding questions. Trust. Not depend. Trust. There's one truism I've always held dear and it goes as follows: Speak lies and you'll not hold your water through three discussions. Live truth and you'll see hundreds of meetings go your way. Now, I say "your way", but it should be said that any wise man knows that to get ahead in life one must know when to bow ones head in humility. As the gods know, truth has its bad days just like any other etheral spirit. In short, avoid conflict when trivial, seek it when omnipotent. Oll Korrect, as the saying goes. Enough with the hippie yappin'. Let's get back to basics.

Since you've made it this far, I know you have a cross partisan politician trapped somewhere within the confines of your cerebrum. Develop that urge. Find your direction. My crusade is the prussian education system and it's not all that hard raising awareness and teaching fundamentals. It doesn't take much to post a few lines in a forum. Doesn't demand a whole lot to discuss societal matters with family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Shouldn't be tough to raise your voice in the face of oppression... Not. When. You. Know. That's the point I wish to make here. Once you learn to distinguish truth from plausability, you won't look back. Empower yourself and those around you as best you can. The solutions greatly outnumber the problems and don't let the media or random zombies tell you otherwise. Man - At times, the price for silence is too high. How long and how severe is the suffering you will undergo for the sake of your pride? No. Don't even go there. Get busy.