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My Appeal to the Finnish Collective

Posted by Audun Nilsen on August 24, 2013 at 8:50 AM



To whomever it may concern (think you it not you, please be courteous, find you the time, and pass it along to the one, a few or some of those whom the matter should [though I sincerely and solemnly do reaffirm your creeping suspicion it's my stolid conviction this matter obliges correspondence to all Finnish men and women of virtue]), namely:


Generals, editors, politicians, pedagogues, professors; Their subordinates, journalists, fire brands, affiliates and scholasticians, as well as any herolds of calibre, status or infamy who's address I've come to collect on my quest for diligence in the lands of the thousand lakes;


This is a call for justice - Please.. Take some minutes out of your day and share in this moment of clairvoyance that I've been summoned to conjure at the inadvertent behest of a disavowed father forced to the very edge of his wits end and read, at the very least, a few lines of this appeal, as the matter at hand, to some degree or other, effects and should affect everyone of maturity in your lands and those around, if not wholly symptomatic of a dis-ease found worldwide in some fashion or other, as is my humble, personal conviction.


Despite everything these eyes have seen, I still hold some measure of respect for proper procedure and so I will enterprise to curtail the brunt of my anguish to the best of my ability, as hopefully shall be reflected in the words I direct towards you. Still, I've no doubt that the willful amongst you will already promptly have navigated facultatively, after their, O, so presciently arrayed capacity for contemplation, directly to the heart of the matter, listed orderly at the bottom. For them, and for us all, as towards that,,, I can do little, except bless their passage with the very lightest touch of numinous hope; A superficial act of good will delivered with gravitas I, myself, would endear quite little after-thought outside of moonlit groves peppered with gaelic angels, polka-striped submarines and deep-fried potato-flowers. Such light-eyed frivolity is simply put not worthy of my time.


Who: It has come to my attention that two little boys have been stolen away from their father at the hands of Finnish government officials. What concern is this, conceived, tragedy of yours, you'd might ask yourself immediately at this stage? Well, what, indeed; You who sit there is but a cog in the mighty machine? A mindless drone with fixed goals, not allowed to swerve off target for even a couch-vacation, as that would surely wreak havoc on the Order of Ardour and what sensible person could or would wish that upon his fellow man? Why, even you fine bishops of today, the media moguls, when we allow ourselves the benefit of a moments forethought,, are, proverbially, but simple tools in the hands of higher powers. No ? No, no - this is not a charge against you personally and it's not even a charge against all of you collectively. No.. I know this plague of self-absorption, of which I speak around, is not a phenomena to be found exclusively in Finland. That is, however, basely irrelevant, as I could place blaim from sun up till sun set for a year and still not touch bottom, all the while prolonging the suffering of these boys and their faceless, nameless brothers and sisters. Traversing this ocean of deceit, that I have ventured across for so countlessly numerous nights succeeded by restless sleep, for the sake of mere expedition,,, is painful to me – revellatory so, but it is what the circumstances call for. Enough is bleeding enough, as a londoner port worker might'd put the matter to rest.


What: This appeal has been sent to some hundreds of heads of offices and their collegiate, which I have come to decide upon were to be informed first in this round, as said individuals are involved most intimately with the formation of opinion in Finland and thus are widely expected amongst your countrymen to hold of the most responsibility, loyalty, highest vigilance and most thorough understanding of which courses to which to proceed in a labyrinthine matter such as this that are the most expedient and, who can, at close to no expense of theirs, maintain, atleast, a veneer of civility and respect for dialogue in, even, their acts of communal solidarity, seemingly, motivated by the deepest of emotions, such as «verzweiflung, weltschmerz und angst» and, lastly, to, yet again ever so humbly, benefit from the momentum persons of your girth hold within the palm of a single hand. Time, only, will tell if my grammatically infallible plead was made in criminally wasteful vain, but I brazenly trust we will find that the nature of this particular Sodoma is no more complicated than that of yet another snake bole lost for regulation by, I'm sure, some the most apt comptrollers in the land, as decided upon by their intellectual peers and superiors,, through having utterly, simply grown so unspeakably large as to escape controlled observation by feasting off of unheard of amounts of procrastination, and gone Array, thus hiding its true nature in form so familiar it most resembles a phenomena I'd might as well take the oppurtunity to remind you Franz Kafka wrote of «audaciously, trenchantly, wittily, and with profundity, in a style of writing that is as precise as it is pithy and vigorous» in a series of letters later compiled into a book named ontologically true: the Process - only to be followed by a myriad of men just like him.


Where: Rest assured it will proceed; With or without your stalwarth experience, valorous diligence and, to sume, unfairly callous strength of cranial brawn on our side. Allow me to emphasize clearly; Should this dispositional inquiry turn out to be fishing in roadside ponds and not the Great Lakes they are made out to be, trust I will take the necessary steps to get the message through; By hook or by nook (forums, Facebook-campaigns, international media, universities, musicians, authors – I shall not give over till there is tangible evidence this matter is given consideration on a collective level); You who call yourselves men - do not doubt my resolve to accomplish this, decidedly, humble goal, without threat of harm to person or property by my leave, provocation or instruction and that is my final word on that particular matter. No, swines... Even as pertains to you. I plead to conscience alone, a force solely manifest in no particular geographical location, yet with implications, undeniably, most serene in the immediate surroundings of its source. Women – This is a time for action, if you hadn't guessed already,, so roll up your sleeves, get your glasses out of the case and ... Be gentle, won't you? For your future steadfastness, I take the liberty to pledge you, on behalf of those who'll presumably be needing of you, my warmest, most sincere gratitude in advance for any kind-heartedness, high spirits and mercy you will have the good graces to endow the vanguards of justice with throughout these difficult times of hardship that surely are to come.


When: You who have worked at smithing opinion for years; I know not that you, particularly, are responsible for the fate of these boys in any causally direct way or not and, as I've already said, I will refrain from making such a claim,, but I do say, quite stoically imperturbed, that your standing, if indeed a relatively prestigious one, alone is most certainly not a weak claim to indict you accountable to some extent on grounds of misconduct in the line of duty which, wholly naturally, facilitates dereliction, in this peoples court I've taken the liberty to gather (this is not the first time persons in Finnish media have been contacted regarding the matter [a compilation of response will be made notice of to all who have received this letter and, of course, benefaction or silence on the matter will be distinguished {restricted courteously to corporate domain and not name, unless you are a sworn public official or say otherwise}]) and need I remind you; Circumstantial evidence is more than enough to convict innocents in many, if not most, courts of justice and this is indeed a serious charge I can only dare your conscience to consider lightly, if the only doubt to be cast around your own person as a result of this misfortune's surreal longevity is to be put on your work ethic and your work ethic alone. Sisyfos, O, Sisyfos - what cruel a fate was not handed you? In plain letters - send me a simple "Notice of reception" in whatever fashion you see fit and then prepare for taking action in one of the ways I'll outline below. To notify your people of your stance, is a small price to pay the ferry man and assuredly a veritable sign of uprightedness that I'm a 100% positive the ones of virtuous diligence amongst your countrymen will be well pleased to have known you charited. Yours is, after all, the culture Tolkien collected the narrative for his epos from. Not without cause, I believe.


Why: Who am I, your accuser? To put it to you bluntly; I am noone. Most aptly I would be named the Kerberos of Norwegian media during a pressing time to organize against enemies of critical thought (said dog is the three-headed dog guarding the gates of hell; Dogs), but to present my credentials comprehensively would entail guiding you through a jungle of three years worth of a total exceeding 2500 comments, essays, petites, polemics and debates in national newspapers, national forums and the like; An endeavour which would be as futile as it would be hubridly meaningless. Suffice it to say that I have done my homework thrice over, as anyone who knows me could and would reaffirm confidently, and am not afraid to speak my mind freely in public, as the three years I have vigilantly sacrificed of my youth towards ends of justice, liberty and equality factually testify to, if my faculties of language did not. I do not rile easily, as the members of your tribe, too, has long been given credit for. For the short of temperance, bereft of acumen; Call me the J in J'accuse (or Jah, the moon man [as the rasta refer to Jehova],, if you so please). I care not what you call me or who calls me, for this is not about me.


How: Nor is it about you. No, I shall be generous. It's about yew. You guessed it; Tree sap. It's a more than an apt metaphore for the situation in which we all at present find ourselves in. Oh, certainly not - I am not one of the lucky ones to have made it into adulthood with a clean conscience, a sought-after education and prospects of economical prosperity. Understand this about motivations (and mine in particular), if nothing else. It goes without saying, that, naturally, I am not alert as to the political scenario in Finland, apart from the occasional headline regarding your reform of the prussian unit schooling system,, but after having heard the story of Warren McLachlan; There was no longer a shred of doubt in my fatigued heart and abused cerebrum that the plagues of money and religion are in no way under control in the lands of the Fin. Mistake me correctly; I myself am still struggling to understand how this could happen, but of one thing I am angrily forced to conclude against no better understanding; Diligent watchdogs in Finnish media do not exist, as defined in civilized company and I cannot for the life of me leave the predators hiding among you good people, who have denied spot light to mr. McLachlan, without a curse to match their inwordable hubris - Self-proclaimed watchmen, be gone! We, righteous,, vanguards of liberty detest your presence and shy from you as the cat shies from water. Your malevolent egotism disguised as benevolence, your childish hunger for soap, opera and trivia, your cocaine fed nepotism.. Is driving a force of darkness that will one day come back and bite, haunt and taunt you as you rushedly draw your last, rattling breaths. Then, if not tomorrow, you will know what harm you have caused on those who's crime was only they loved too brightly. Then you shall know what it feels like to have nowhere left to stow your anguish but in old anguish. Then your fat shall steak in the oven of eternal damnation, as more scriptures than one have so clearly prophecized, if my pristine experience on the matter did not shine through, you little worm.


In what mode: The rest of you; I do not write to amuse you. Nor to entertain. Not to insult, to instruct or aggress on the virtuous, the innocent and the brave if I can politely avoid it. Not to ridicule, either. No.. To see someone hold even a superficial grudge against strangers is eerily reminiscent of a childs or a sophists way of viewing the world and I quite simply refuse to take neither the low road or the high road with people I do not know. Besides; You are, when push comes to shove, «only» people. My only hubrid hope, in all of this, is that you take to heart the amount of restraint that I've put into protecting the honest intention instigating these proceedings from the forces that are handling the reins of my brains Wernicke's area, taking care to apply temperance as I went so not to lose momentum, and use any inspiration it might give towards the end of helping those two boys. If you find you have the time, energy and inclination to frickin man up, take a stand and actually consciously deliberate with yourself on how to stake the course forward for your people, finding a proper way of dealing with these sorts of issues in a mature fashion and scoring points for justice, equality and liberty as you go – I know a man in Australia who would be ever so much obliged.






Two young boys have been held captive, de facto, in Finnish government instutions of mental relief for the better part of a decade.


While there, they were forcefully medicated, with as many as five drugs on a regular basis.


Behavioural penalization included complete entrapment of limbs at the hands of adults, accompanied by verbal disciplination - at times for as long as two hours.


For most of their childhood, free visits from the biological father has been stayed and limited on the basis of what I can only ascribe the decision-makers as malintent, arising from frustration the puristic among us can source from misinformation – Most of us didn't need Freud to tell us that children are virtually as good as dependant on observing those adults who share their genetic make up to grasp how to deal with the grandest emotions; Frustration, sorrow, defeatism and glory.


At present, they are situated with a foster family, whom keep insisting on medication. You who have lived don't need me to tell you that habit is a cruel mistress.




These children must be returned to their father without delay, who stands accused of nothing, holds a regular job despite his unimaginably great loss and who still manages to hold his water through two hours of dicsussing this, showing emotional restraint on a scale seldom witnessed in mundane, everyday life. Trust there is no shortage of witnesses ready to testify to the character of this mans ethical and moral fortitude, whatsoever.


Alternatively, in the worst case-scenario; Appease the foster parents and the Finnish state to relinquish custody to their own family in Finland.


Make employees of the Finnish state review their operating procedure on so many levels, I'd do the performers of that task a disservice attempting to list them all here. Take note of just some principles worthy of being brought into pen at this stage;


At minimum; Rule of law is constitutated by three elements:


Due process


Innocent until proven guilty


Corporal safety for suspects


I can not fathom why it would be necessary, and it surely is challenging, to find a place to begin explaining why one should never separate a child from its care taker, from its settled environment and its direct biological ancestor unless he, her or both are suffering from relentless duress, so, have you the brevity, allow me anecdotal overweight initally, if not intellectual advantage is implied by the sheer weight of the impact of Freuds family, and, for now, let's just agree that heaps of research will tell you, in no uncertain terms, that separating a child from its parents is a very serious matter. A matter for which no government official has taken full responsibility. Instead of the moral uprightedness one expects of any fellow human being who still knows the true meaning of the word emotion, the man has been proffered a long series of indefensible, gutless and morally destitute excuses, if any response at all,, most of which came not from the immediate protectors of the perpetrators, but was shedded off of the skin of profoundly confused defenders of principles of procedural law. The authoritarians involved with this scenario have simply acted outrightly in total irreprehension. All of them. For them, I can find no milder words than those unfit for writ and thus I shall not over step my visitation upon your cerebellum no longer, for abject fear of making myself a jester in the eyes of those whom the hope of these two boys' futures now rest.


Why not familiarize yourself with the, now, 3rd edition of Warren McLachlans book?




Why not freshen up on the recent history of mental care?


Why not have a look at some of the video lectures the world-renowned neurologist Robert Sapolsky has generously compiled for all to enjoy?




Till next turn of events;


Take care of yourself now, you hear? Don't hesitate to contact me for whatever purpose you see fit. I am in generality proficient with the history of the last two hundred years of psychiatry, as well as reasonably up-read on concurrent discoveries and studies of note, though I do expect I'll be quite busy the next few days, even with a prepared mind cleared and readied for responding to any written requests. Do you insist on using the phone, give due notice and I'll make the arrangements, but I readily confess my vocal chords are not presently attuned to tantric chants you might've heard from Tibetan munks, so it'll have to be a pressing matter, indeed, for me to show interest when it comes to that. No; Explicit in writing, implicit in words - both in action.


Be all that you can be, brother. Keep shining, sister. Take firm hold, father. We will never forget you, mother.




Audun Haug Nilsen




Remember to send me a notification if you wish to have your news papers name on the list of those who are ready to prove true to their implied oaths of diligence towards their people.




Some names did not pass translation, which is why not all journalists (I estimate the end total to be in the high 80s, low 90s of Finnish online media, percentagewise) not all editors and, certainly, far from all opinion makers were sent a copy of their own. Do me a solid and see that your collegiate and superiors have got the message, that they may partake in the movement of events, as well as pass it along to any who can contribute or that might even benefit in some small way. Yew never know.

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